Explore New Zealand on a Visitor/ Tourist Visa

New Zealand is a country full of scenic beauty and great opportunities where one can enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, adventure, culture and meet friendly and welcoming people all around year. You can travel to New Zealand, visit your family and friends or explore career and business opportunities if you hold a New Zealand Tourist Visa or a Visitor Visa. The validity of a Visitor Visa is usually up to nine months.

To apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa your passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond your intended departure date. There are few requirements you need to fulfil and show to Immigration of New Zealand while applying for your tourist or visitor visa.

You should have prior travel history to UK, US or any European Country. If you are a honeymoon couple you may easily get a Visitor or Tourist Visa.
You should be able to take care of all expenses of yourself and everyone included in your application.
You should have a good career in India and strong finances that proves to the immigration that you have all the reasons to come back to India.

Apart from these, there are various things that you should keep in mind while applying for a tourist or visitor visa for New Zealand. Do you research properly before filling up your application form or preparing for your visa interview. We suggest you to consult a licensed immigration advisor who can assist you thoroughly with your visa application.

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