New Zealand offers the easiest path from student to a permanent resident. The #1 honeymoon spot, NZ is voted least corrupt with the highest quality of life.

New Zealand has recently gained popularity with students and their families as a go-to destination. There is a place for you here at an accredited university no matter the area of study in which you hope to study. A study visa can be obtained for many internationally ranked universities and government polytechnics or institutes. Work visas are available to those seeking employment after completion of schooling, and work visas allow the applicant to progress towards applying for permanent residency.



New Zealand also offers a number of advantages over other countries such as Canada and Ireland in terms of having better climate all around the year and the people are known to be friendly, welcoming and warm. New Zealand is far from matters of terrorism and is reported to have very low prevalence of cases, if any, of racist experiences. It offers a reasonable cost of living. It is a great place to have a family and has some of the best schools and colleges, offering international quality of education with a small, closer knit community feel. It is also becoming more and more of a melting pot day by day in terms of food, festivals and culture.