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About Rajni Garg

  • IAA-licensed immigration adviser
  • Ex-New Zealand visa officer
  • Vice President of LIANZ (Licensed Immigration Advisers for New Zealand)

RGV is run by Rajni – an IAA-licensed immigration adviser, an ex-new zealand visa officer, Vice President of LIANZ (licensed immigration advisers for new zealand) and an active spokesperson in related news and media…. RGV provides support and guidance on all kinds of New Zealand visa for Indians. Starting from visa application to interview guidance and post visa services like settling down in New Zealand, RGV fulfils every requirement of yours.Rajni Garg is a well known IAA licensed immigration advisor and a permanent resident of NZ, who has also worked with Immigration New Zealand for several years. Rajni provides expert advise on visitor, work and partnership visas. She has worked with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for five years.

About RGV

RGV is run by Rajni – An IAA-Licensed Immigration Adviser, An Ex-New Zealand VISA Officer, General Secretary of Lianz (Licensed Immigration Advisers for New Zealand) and An active spokesperson in related News and Media. At RGV, we use a hands-on approach when working with each of our clients. With experience working at Immigration New Zealand (INZ), our team is able to use its unique expertise to generate the highest success rate of application approvals, especially in applications that have previously been flagged or declined. If you are applying for a student, spouse, business, travel, or resident visa, we will provide you with a clear end-to-end solution for the entire process. We will continue to provide support and advice on part-time employment, banking, health insurance, etc even after you reach New Zealand. We are a credible and experienced team with an eye for detail and thorough knowledge of the policies in place to put together the best application for you.

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